Welcome to the Aspasia Maria Hotel’s Blog! We are particularly excited about launching this blog as we will share with you information about the beautiful island of Paros as well as interesting news.

Top Festivals in Paros

Paros, like the majority of the Greek islands, is renowned for the festivals that take place mostly during the summer months and attract tourists and natives alike. In Greece, most festivals are religious-related and are conducted in honor of a saint-protector, but many celebrate also major historical events. Below you will find a list with […]

Traditional Villages of Paros

Paros is renowned for her natural beauty, vivid lifestyle and well as amazing beaches – however, did you know that this cosmopolitan island has a hidden side that awaits to be explored? Paros has a selection of unique traditional villages, where the visitor can still experience an authentic slice of life of the locals and be fascinated by…

Traditional Dishes of Paros

When in Paros, you will not only be blown away by the picturesqueness of the settlements and the turquoise waters of the sandy beaches, but also by the mouthwatering local cuisine; Paros can boast about its traditional dishes, all created on the principles of the Mediterranean diet using fresh ingredients and raw materials of the finest quality…